Hello, my pretties!

Do you have any awesome Halloween plans this year? Hopefully they’re not being squelched by a massive hurricane that is causing your town to shut down, like SOME that I know…

On the bright side, I’m afforded a brief respite from grad school responsibilities to write blogstuff under today’s comic. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You know, last weekend I tried to write something about how I’ve recently felt more settled in my squishy, less-than-completely-clear gender than ever, but then rediscovered how difficult it is to write about being trans. So difficult that I resorted to making comics instead. However, I still wish that I could articulate a little more detail about my actual life. That is, if you’d be into hearing that kinda thing. If so, why don’t you send me a question or two about what you’d like hear? We’ll see if that prompts any decent blogthoughts.

So send questions to morgan.boecher (at) gmail (dot) com if you’ve got ’em. And instead of asking general questions about trans stuff, please make them questions only I could ¬†answer. I’ll do my best to form coherent, interesting answers on the bloggy space under the comic strips.

Take care, now, and Happy Halloween!