Hey everyone! So I made a new friend last week. He’s a traveling Canadian named Mark who is working on a documentary about trans identities and communities. He also does art. Yesterday the both of us sat in Union Square selling art and discussing the unspoken rules of hobo street sales. A few of them were:

1. Make sure there is appropriate space between you and the next seller. We were beside a bubble man who had buckets of soap and bubble batons for children to play with. Our product differentiation allowed us closer proximity.

2. No more than two people at a time, because groups of hobos scare off rich people.

3. Make strategic eye contact that welcomes passersby but doesn’t intimidate them.

4. NEVER leave your post unattended.

5. No eating or using electronics, because it ruins the appearance of neediness.

6. Don’t get too attached to the art you’re creating, because the point is to sell it.

For more wisdom from Mark, and to see his cool art, visit his blog at http://ftmark.tumblr.com/tagged/travel

(Hint: You may find me doing a sexy dance in the Brooklyn Pride video posted in that link)