Whew! What a weekend. The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference was amazingly wonderful, and am sad that I’ll have to wait a whole year for the next one. It’s one of the rare moments in the year where I find myself among more trans people than cis (non-trans) people, which is a chance to remember what it feels like to be automatically understood and accepted by people I don’t know. The conference offered far more than just that feeling, of course.

For example, S. Bear Bergman, one of my favorite queer authors and performers, was there hosting a few nifty workshops about trans sex and how to make things such as condoms for pre-op transguy parts out of disposable gloves (like Bear said, necessity is the parent of invention!). I was delighted that he swapped one of his trans-friendly children’s books Backwards Day with my comic.

I distributed copies of the What’s Normal Anyway minicomic to Philadelphia’s Wooden Shoe Books and Giovanni’s Room, so now you can pick them up there if you would like to look at comics on paper instead of a screen!

I want to thank those who met me at this weekend’s conference and shared with me how they appreciate What’s Normal Anyway. It means so much to hear what you think, and it made my weekend even happier. Thank you thank you thank you!