Hey all!

Two sweet announcements:

1. I got an interview with Geeks OUT, a New York City based organization ensuring a queer niche in geek culture. They caught me at the MoCCA Festival last April and asked me things such as “what’s Mel’s backstory?” and “what else do you have in the works?” Go read it now! http://geeksout.org/blogs/patrick/interview-whats-normal-anyways-morgan-boecher

2. This weekend is the Philly Trans-Health Conference! WOOOOO! This was the first trans conference I attended, back in 2010 when I was all nervous about whether I’d be able to transition and whether I’d ever fit in anywhere in the world. I found so much useful and reassuring information here and learned for the first time what it feels like to have more trans and gender-non-conforming people around than non-trans (It feels good!). Anyway, you should totally stop by and say “hi” to me. I will be wandering around and peddling comics.

PS – If you’d like to know what I look like so you can actually find me at the Philly Trans-Health Conference, the below photo bears some resemblance. It also features a brownie with my first initial on it, which you might find helpful somehow.