Poor melodramatic Mel. You’re soon to enter the real world after college and now it’s looking like you’re going to have to do it a little more alone. And what will you tell your parents at graduation?? Good thing I’m on summer break and have a bit more time to think about where these plot developments will lead!

I’m curious, though. Do you like plot or do you like the jokes that don’t particularly follow a plot? Or do you like the mix of them I’ve been doing so far? I’m up for taking suggestions from readers. In fact, it was a reader* who introduced the idea of making a series of comics about packing. I’ve never used a packer or STP, but I know other trans guys do, so I liked addressing it in WNA.

Okay, so one more thing. I’m going to be adding ads on the WNA site soon. I know, it sucks. I hope it doesn’t disrupt your enjoyment of the comics too much. Running this website and drawing these comics takes a bunch of time and money, and sadly the donations haven’t been coming in like I had hoped. If you enjoy WNA, please consider donating! $25, $15, $5, $1… whatever you think it’s worth (click the purple “Donate” button on the top right!). I love making this comic and being able to offer free art and stories to the world, but I’ve got to find a way to make this project sustainable.

Alright, thanks for reading today. See you back soon!

<3 Morgan


*This reader did not want to be credited for these ideas, but if you want to see an idea or subject made into a WNA comic, I would be happy to credit you if you like.