By recent assessments I’m about 70/30 male/female-looking now. At least that’s what’s reflected when go out in public. I end up using the men’s or women’s room depending on whether I get “sired” or “ma’amed” more in any particular place. I was often annoyed about the bathroom dilemma when I first entered the Ambiguous Zone, but now I’m rather enjoying the power I have to infiltrate any gendered space. No stall door in the men’s room? I’ll just find my way to the women’s. Long line at the ladies’ room? Let me tip-toe to the toilette des hommes. Of course nothing beats the inclusive unisex restroom, where gender anxiety can be relieved as easily as one’s bladder. When present, this is definitely the go-to loo.

I am looking forward to being 100% male-looking, though, even as an out and proud trans man.