Wow, just three weeks before I bid adieu to my home state and make my debut in the world! Just kidding – I’ve made my worldly debut several times already. But I’ve never lived in New York City, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. Everything is falling into place; I’m moving to Manhattan, enrolling at Columbia University, finding my queer community, making art, and I get to do it all as a guy! 

I’m glad I took this past year to transition and just figure my life out. It has been a year of amazing growth, and as I approach the brink of my next most dramatic life change, I want to take a moment to express my profound thanks to everyone who has brought meaning and love to my life. I won’t name you all on this internet blog post, but to those who have touched me in minor and major ways – from a quick comment on WNA to standing by me during my most vulnerable moments – thank you for helping me be me.

Aw, leave it to the first day of packing up my whole life to unleash this sentimentality. I’m already anticipating the nostalgia that will inevitably wash over me as I step off a returning flight and get a face full of moist, hot, Floridian air. I’m sure I’ll miss it when I’m struggling to survive my first New York winter, at least.