Just to clarify, this comic is not an autobiography, folks. Sure I may look a bit like Mel and I may sometimes talk to my cat as though he’s my therapist, but this comic is first and foremost fictional. My parents are loving, kind and supportive people, and they were when I came out to them too. In fact, I have been remarkably fortunate to find that everyone important in my life has fully accepted me for who I am. It took time for some people to wrap their minds around it and remember to use male pronouns, but everyone was trying. It meant the world to me.

I understand that it can be devastating to not have that acceptance from loved ones. It’s hard enough dealing with society and figuring yourself out without judgement from family and friends. Unfortunately, that happens to be the reality for many trans people. All I can say is that life will get better if you do what it takes to survive and thrive.

On another note, happy 4th of July, fellow Americans! Go blow up some things in the name of freedom fries!