Another weekend come and gone. This time I spent it in Gainesville, Florida with my parents and grandmother, who are the most wonderful of folks. Grandma took me on a quest to find a snappy suit so that I can blend in with the other metrosexuals when I move to New York City in the fall. After hopefully searching through the mens departments in every applicable store in town, I learned that I am quite a small man. Eventually I resigned myself to the boy’s department where I found a fine-fitting blazer that compliments my frame. Still working out how to negotiate my newfound male ego with the fact that a 32S-sized coat is apparently nowhere. Moving back to Japan where I’m of normal height might be the solution.

Also, for those trans ladies out there and anyone else who would love to hear an MTF tale in webcomic form, see Trans Girl Diaries. Entwining silliness with drama, this comic encompasses an ongoing narrative in addition to earlier shorts that often hit with emotional poignancy. Enjoy!