I may not actually be a great cook, but I sure know how to spice up your hackneyed male archetypes! Isn’t it fun how there’s as much variation in nature as there is in ways to make a pie? (For me pie is highly variable).

However, every now and then I’ll notice men being male without any effort at all, and the strangest longing will hit me. They don’t even know how much they don’t ever have to think about, while I’ve hardly gone a day without thinking about gender. Don’t get me wrong, It’s great being who I am. But who can blame me for just wanting an easier time?

I just watched the amazing documentary Small Town Gay Bar. It helped me realize how easy I really have it. What do you do if your home is in a place where people who don’t even know you are constantly judging you or worse? It’s kinda like the question: what do you do if your body conflicts with your fundamental sense of self?

You fight to make it a better place, because it is your home.