Alright, it’s about time I offer you a life update since the coming months are going to affect the fate of WNA comics (If you don’t have the patience for my ramblings, feel free to skip to the ‘Takeaways’ at the end). As mentioned in previous posts, WNA has seen some amazing success thanks to you dear readers who supported the Kickstarter campaign and purchased the first copies of the complete comic book ever printed in the world. I can’t express enough gratitude. The online store is up and running, the rest of the printed books will soon arrive so I can start sending them and other rewards off to backers, and I’m writing the prequel comics that you achieved through Kickstarter stretch goals… but then what?

WNA kept me inspired and grounded throughout the upheaval of my transition, and now that I’ve reached a more steady state of being, continuing this comic would not be the same process or product it has been. Which isn’t to say there won’t be more episodes of Mel and friends, but they would be different. It’s like when musicians don’t want to play their old songs because their hearts are in their new ones.

As for new creations and what’s next, I’m focusing energy on empowering others to tell their stories through art. Seeing how meaningful this comic and other artistic expressions are for exploring identity and building community, I had a Big Idea for a website that would help people do more such things. The unique model I have in mind still has a long way to go, but I wanted to get your feedback to help bring together the beta site and make sure it does things that people want. Will you offer a few of your thoughts through this short survey?

I see this next project as evolving from WNA and what making the comic taught me about self-expression and finding community. It’s where my heart is right now. Comics are awesome and I want to continue making them (I’ve already got all these ideas of Mel reacting to the wonders and quirks of Japan), but there’s other stuff going on too.


1. WNA is probably going to change in coming months and I’m not sure how yet

2. New artistic enterprises are in the making (offer your thoughts here!:

3. Eat plenty of vegetables