Alright, internet. Say hello to your newest creative contributor! Ok, so that title lasted for about .0032 seconds. Anyway, hi! I would like to introduce my graphic novel/comic book entitled What’s Normal Anyway? It’s about being trans male!

I wanted to start this comic for a few reasons. First, the internet, lush with trans resources and stories, was a tremendous help when I was trying to figure myself out. Frankly, the most helpful was just listening to trans guys on YouTube talk about their lives. Their relatable stories and humanizing problems made me realize all the more quickly that we are all just people, and that gender is nothing to be afraid of. I figured I could add something worthwhile to the online trans community that has already helped me so much.

Secondly, it’s a fun creative outlet for me. Anyone going through a gender and/or sex transition could use a medium through which to express oneself along the way. Even though this book is no autobiography, it allows me to think about and share issues that trans masculine folk may encounter.

Thirdly, activism! Right now my most pertinent cause is trans visibility. I understand that plenty of trans people may not want to incorporate their trans experience into their everyday lives, which is fine. I’m not saying everyone needs to do so. I do wish that knowledge about trans lives was more commonplace, though. My goal is to expand trans media, thereby increasing visibility, one silly comic at a time.

I do not purport to be an expert on anything I talk about. I merely want to share thoughts, ideas, and certain information that has helped me so far throughout my social and physical transition from female to male. With that said, please enjoy What’s Normal Anyway?